The Actor’s Breath

Incorporate the powerful wisdom of Yoga into your performance!

The Actor’s Breath is not an acting class with a yoga warm-up, it’s practicing how to perform in front of an audience using everything yoga has to teach us.

Through movement, masks and meditation, students will develop…

  • Powerful breathing techniques to calm stage fright and manage after-show adrenalin
  • Agility, balance and stamina so you are physically confident onstage
  • Improved ability to focus so you can “stay in character”
  • Leadership skills, including determination, persistence and voice projection
  • Listening skills, including the ability to stay connected to your own body and breath
  • Team-building skills, learned through theater games, playing with masks, and scenework
  • The one personal habit that can make or break you as an actor…

…and best of all, have some fun and make new friends


Hamlet , April 2016.
~ photo by Duane Dale


Carlotta, in rehearsal as “Gertrude” in Hamlet , April 2016. ~ photo by Duane Dale