Loren De La Salle

Hello my name is Loren De La Salle and I have resided in Weymouth my entire life. I have three wonderful daughters that keep me very busy. I discovered Zumba Fitness in 2010 right after my third daughter was born. At first I would go to class to escape the craziness of having two children under two but then it became so much more for me, I fell in love rather quickly with Zumba. I have loved to Latin dance since I was young (I am self-taught) and the different beats and movements within Zumba make it feel like a dance party rather than a workout. I later got licensed in Zumba in 2012 and started teaching. I love having a class full of people just ready to have blast all while burning major calories. Through Zumba and healthy eating I have shed major pounds and gained major muscles. Come check out one of my classes and see what all the fun is about no need to have dance experience just know how to let loose and have fun!!!!!!!